Tournée Electorale

Par Jean-Michel Hureau
dimanche 3 avril 2005
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Tournée Electorale

Par Jean-Michel Hureau

Pendant que les yankees étaient en train de se chamailler pour savoir s’ils allaient voter pour George W. Kerry ou John F. Bush, il y avait un peu plus au sud d’autres élections, certes moins médiatiques, mais pas pour autant dénuées d’intérêt. En Uruguay, le socialiste Tabaré Vazquez à la tête du Font Élargi (Frente Amplio) a remporté la présidentielle avec un peu moins de 51% des voix au premier tour. Il devance le candidat du Parti National Jorge Larranaga (34%), et Guillermo Stirling du Parti Colorado (10%) soutenu par Jorge Battle, le président sortant. C’est la première fois que la gauche accède au pouvoir en 180 ans d’indépendance. Le président obtient également la majorité dans les deux chambres, ce qui n’était pas arrivé depuis 38 ans. Au Chili, c’étaient des municipales, où la coalition de gauche regroupant Démocratie Chrétienne, Parti Socialiste, Parti Radical Social-démocrate et Parti Pour la Démocratie du président Ricardo Lagos, l’a remporté largement (48% contre 38%) sur l’Alliance de droite conduite par Joaquín Lavín, ancien conseiller de Pinochet, maire sortant de Santiago-centre et prochain candidat à la présidentielle. Ce soutien indirect au gouvernement actuel permet de penser que la gauche libérale pourrait emporter la présidentielle en 2005, avec comme vraisemblable candidate Michelle Bachelet, ex-ministre de la Défense, qui deviendrait ainsi la première femme Présidente de la République Chilienne. Au Venezuela, des municipales et des régionales où 20 des 23 nouveaux gouverneurs sont issus du Mouvement V ème République d’Hugo Chávez. Le MVR ne remporte pas le Zulia, région pétrolifère, mais gagne néanmoins la mairie de sa capitale Maracaibo, ainsi que la mairie de la région métropolitaine de Caracas où sévissait Alfonso Peña, un des instigateurs du coup d’État du 12 avril 2002. Ce n’est jamais que la 9 ème victoire électorale de Chávez en 6 ans.


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Tip # 1 Dress appropriately. If you don’t take the time and effort to wear appropriate clothing to the interview, you will lose the job before you even get a chance to explain why you are the best candidate. What you wear to the interview will greatly depend upon the industry or field for which you are applying. Any office related position will require that you wear clothing that is no more casual than a button up shirt, slacks and tie for men and either a nice slacks/skirt and blouse combo for ladies or a dress/suit. Only under rare circumstances would you need to wear anything more casual and this generally includes fields such as transportation, construction, mechanics, etc. Additionally, clothing should be conservative and preferably reflect neutral tones. Avoid excessive jewelry. Don’t go overboard on the use of cologne or perfume. Many people suffer from allergies and the last thing you want to do is cause your prospective employer an allergy attack." job process "Tip #2 Go to the interview alone. There is absolutely no reason for anyone else to attend the interview with you and this includes parents, children as well as spouses and significant others. If you are having a friend or relative drive you to the interview, politely ask them to wait outside for you. If for some reason, you are unable to obtain childcare for the time of your interview, phone ahead and politely ask to reschedule. While this is not the best way to start off your relationship with the employer, it is a much better option than taking your child with you.

Tip #3 Pace your conversation during the interview. There is a fine line between not talking enough and talking too much. Answer questions directly, elaborate when necessary but don’t ramble." "There are no right answers to job interview questioning. In fact a good interview question is one that allows you a chance to talk about yourself.

Job Interview Follow-up

At the end of your interview, if you haven’t been advised, ask when they think they’ll be making their decision. At least then you’ll know how long you’ll have to wait before you hear.

Many places don’t automatically let people know if they haven’t got the job ; so one follow-up call is allowable. More than that and it can feel like badgering.

" "Or you might find that the HR interviewer is actually qualified to ask you questions about the specific job you’re being considered for. You might be surprised to find out that the HR interviewer knows more about your job or profession than you expected !

The first interview could combine an HR interview with a more hands-on interview with the hiring manager or it could skip the HR portion and go straight to a hands-on interview with the person who is doing the hiring."
"Tip #4 Make sure you are polite to everyone you meet while you are waiting for your interview. This is extremely important because 1. These people may be your future co-workers and 2. You never know who has the boss’ ear and will report your rude behavior or unseemly conduct once you’re out the door.

Tip #5 Arrive early. If your interview is scheduled for 1:00 pm ; make sure you are there no later than 12:30 pm. It is quite common for employers to ask candidates to complete applications and other paperwork prior to their interview, whether they specify this when they schedule the interview with you or not." second interview questions "Tip #6 Make sure you are prepared for the interview. This means that you have both practiced for the interview and have brought along all materials that you may need for any circumstance. (pens, pencils, notepad, extra copies of your resume, etc.) Also make sure you have copies of your drivers’ license and Social Security card in case the employer needs to make copies for future employment records.

Tip #7 Be honest ! This cannot be emphasized enough. Employers many times move in the same social circles and there is a very good chance that if you fib during an interview you will be found out sooner or later. Even if you have already been hired, lying on an application or during an interview is grounds for dismissal with most companies." "No matter how badly you think the interview went, if you want the job, always send a follow-up interview thank you letter. Since most of us think of clever things to say after the fact, include one or two of those, referring to something specific from the interview.

Use phrases such as :

’I’ve given a lot of thought to our interview and...’

’Something you mentioned got me thinking...’

’What you said about _______ really struck home...’

If you don’t get the job and you’re curious why not, phone up and get some feedback. It may help you for the next interview.

Happy job hunting !" "The point is that ideally you will find out ahead of time exactly how the interview process is structured so that you can prepare for it and so that you can avoid any unexpected surprises.

The more information you have at your fingertips the better you can prepare yourself for all possible outcomes.

In any event, the goal of the first interview from your perspective is to answer all questions concisely and as well as possible, to gain more information about the company and the job and of course to proceed to the next step in the process if it’s a job you are still interested in."
"Tip # 8 Don’t smoke or chew tobacco just before or during your interview. Also remember to spit out gum, if you chew it. Additionally, if you do smoke, remember to spritz yourself with light cologne or perfume before you meet with the employer as well as pop in a breath mint.

Tip # 9 Turn off your cell phone and pager prior to your interview. There is nothing more insulting to an employer or disrupting during an interview to have a cell phone or page continue to ring/beep. Let your voice mail catch any incoming calls.

Tip #10 Be enthusiastic ! Let the employer know how interested you are in the position and what a great job you can do." interviewing process Job Interview is generally a set of questions asked by the interviewer to test the ability of a candidate, his/her knowledge and personality. It is the employer’s way of assessing prospective candidates, to find if they are good enough for the job for which the company is recruiting. During the interview process the interview will ask different types of questions to know more about the candidate. In most of the companies the interview questions is divided into different types. "“What interview questions to ask” is a question that job searchers often ask themselves when preparing for their interview. The questions you ask during an interview can be a critical part of showing an interviewer that you are interested in the job and knowledgeable about the company.

Sure, you’re going to be asked most of the questions during the interview but you’re expected to ask questions yourself, too.

Remember that interviewing is a two-way street. Employers almost always allow you time to ask some questions during an interview and you need to be prepared with some questions and also account for the fact that some questions you might want to ask get answered during the course of the interview." "If this is a one-interview process, remember that you only have one interview to state your case and also to ensure that this a job you really want and is a company you really want to work for.

Knowing the interview plan ahead of time will help you properly prepare for the job interview process and not just the first interview, especially if the first interview is the only interview."
Job interview questions differ according to the work structure of a company. But most of the job interview questions asked by the companies are related to the three categories. In the first set, the interview asks about the candidate’s family background, education, and interests. The second set comes with question meant to assess the technical knowledge of the candidate. While the last is to judge the candidate’s personality – his/her nature, decision making capacity, ideology, and ability to solve problems. common interview questions But some interview boards also ask a few funny interview questions to the candidate. This is a tricky method to check the candidate’s reaction. Many candidates don’t know how to answer a funny interview question. Hearing a funny interview question some candidates get irritated. What is there in getting irritated hearing a funny interview question ? The candidates have to know that these questions are meant to check the psychological structure of the candidate. There is nothing to get panic or irritated hearing funny interview questions. Just answer the funny interview questions as other technical questions in a simply way. "When considering what interview questions to ask, remember to ask questions that relate to the company, the job and to what you offer the company. Your list of interview questions to ask should be typed out on a plain sheet of white paper and brought with you during the interview. Don’t try to memorize the questions, write them down.

What specific questions should you ask ? What questions shouldn’t you ask ?

Obviously, the specific job and industry will largely help you decide what interview questions to ask the person you are meeting with when discussing a job. Here are some good interview questions to ask that should help you put a short list together that you can tailor for each interview you attend :" "Getting a second interview is typically your goal when you attend a first interview.

Unless the job you’re applying for has a one-interview process to be followed by a job offer to the successful candidate, you will most likely be trying to get invited back for a second interview."
By asking funny interview questions the interviewer is trying to test the nerve of the candidate. Just relax and show enthusiasm to answer the funny interview question as the other interview questions. The interviewer is trying to check what type of person you are. That is whether you have enough humor sense. Funny interview questions are asked to put the candidate at ease. By asking funny interview questions, the interviewer is also trying to make you relaxed and enthusiastic. The interviewer also needs to remove the tension in you and make the interview process very informal. This is done so as to smoothen the interview process. how to answer interview questions If the interview feels that you are tensed, he cannot judge clearly whether you are fit for the job or not. When the interview is done in a tensed manner, you will also be not able to answer all the question correctly as you may forget many answers because of the tension which remains in your mind. This is the main reason why interviews ask many funny questions to you. "Interview Questions To Ask About The Job
# Can you describe the ideal candidate for the job ?

# Could you describe a typical workday for the position ?

# What special skills does this position require ?

# What special skills would your ideal candidate possess ?

# Can you tell me a little bit about the people I’ll be working with ?

# Can you tell me a little bit about the people I’ll be managing ?
(If you are managing staff) "
So now you get the idea what are these funny interview questions meant for. There is nothing to worry about funny interview questions. Simply answer the questions with a funny answer so that the interview will enjoy your answer. By answering the funny interview questions in a funny way or responding to the question in the same enthusiasm as the other questions you can sometimes make a ticket into the list of expected winners. interview process "You hear all sorts of rules about job interview success :

* people decide about you in the first 10 seconds

* you have to make a good first impression

* always ask insightful job interview questions

* learn as much as you can about the company

* they’ll probably ask interview questions designed to trip you up

* have some quick answers to interview questions at the ready

Not bad, as far as rules go : some of them make perfect sense. But getting the job you want isn’t about following rules or giving the ’right’ interview answer." "# Is this a newly created position or am I replacing someone ?

# How will my performance on the job be measured ?

# How much travel does the job require ?

Interview Questions To Ask About The Company
# What does the company do better than its competitors to distinguish itself ?

# What are the immediate goals of the department you’ll be working in ?

# What are the immediate goals of the company ?

# How does the group you’ll be working in fit into the organizational structure of the company ? "
"It’s about presenting yourself in the most authentic way that takes care of you and the interviewers at the same time.

So many people chuck their chances away : they don’t take enough care and interview preparation time so that the whole process is enjoyable, stimulating and informative for both parties.

Your First Opportunity : Getting The Interview" job interview "If you want the job, chances are so do about a million other eager people, so your application has to stand out from the crowd. British CVs are usually dull and boring, and people create them as historical documents, rather than as marketing tools. You can boost your chances of getting an interview by making your CV look and ’sound’ special.

Use good paper, design a personal logo, fiddle with the layout to make it easy on the eyes. Edit it ruthlessly. People always put in too much detail. Highlight the bits that relate to the job you’re going for. They don’t need to know you went to St Mary’s School when you were 12 ! Put ’who you are now’ at the beginning of your CV, and leave education and qualifications for the end." "# What is the company’s competitive advantage ?

# What does the interviewer like about the company the most ?

Depending on who you meet during the interview :

Interview Questions To Ask The Hiring Manager
# What specific goals do you have set out for this job in the first 6 months/12 months ?

# What challenges do you see me having to face to complete these goals (the goals they mentioned in the first question).

# What could I do in this role that would make your job easier ?

Interview Questions To Ask A Human Resources rep
# Does the company offer employee training ? " "If your first interview was with the hiring manager, the second interview might be a more in depth discussion with the same hiring manager and/or you might meet up with one of their peers (ie. another manager) or perhaps you’ll meet up with people you’d be working with should you get the job.

In this case, the questions you face tend to be more in depth than before. At this point, the company has shown interest in you so they will want to gain more information about you and your suitability for the job.

You also need to gain more knowledge about the company and the people you’d be working with."
"If you don’t have what you think are the right educational qualifications, don’t worry. Just leave them off. If you include enough interesting and intriguing material about who you are now, what you didn’t do is far less important.

I recommend a short paragraph at the beginning that says something about your personal qualities and your business skills. A short statement about what you’re seeking can also go down a treat." job interview process "As we know, a job for life is so rare nowadays, that eclectic, unusual and even inconsistent CVs are OK as long as they’re presented well.

Even if you think your current job stinks, look at the good points as though you were looking at it from the outside in. Most jobs appear much better from the outside than they do from the inside (only you know the real truth) ; so pump up the goodies and soft-pedal the baddies !" "# What is the company policy on continuing education ?

Depending on who you speak with when you end the interview :

Interview Questions To Ask Before You Leave The Interview
# Are there any other questions I can answer regarding my background and suitability for the job ?

# Are there any questions you asked that I can further clarify for you ?

# Do you have any concerns regarding my suitability for the position ?

# How do I compare with other candidates you have interviewed ?

# What is the next step in the interview process ? " Some companies might hold a panel second interview where you get interviewed by several people at once. I’ve experienced this several times myself.
"So that worked. You’ve got the Interview ; now what ?

Preparing For a Job Interview

Here’s the key and the most important thing to remember when preparing for interview

Before you go through the door, tell yourself that unless they are simply going through the motions because they’ve already appointed someone, they want it to be you." interviewing techniques "No matter how nervous you are, you do need to look after the people interviewing you. Show that you know how to communicate and relate to people : ask surprising questions.

Have a stockpile of question to ask at interview and anecdotes of past triumphs (and even a few disasters, as long as their funny or humorous side is apparent). This is not just a list of what you can do, but some personal examples that paint the whole picture." "The first interview for a job is a basic indication that the company you are meeting with is interested in considering you as a potential new employee.

I’m sure this is a fairly basic and understood statement.

The important part is understanding the purpose of the first interview.

It really helps if you can find out ahead of time exactly who you’re meeting with during the first interview to get a sense as to what will actually take place during the interview.

The first interview might be a screening interview with a member of Human Resources (HR) to assess your suitability to join the company. This interview might only focus on HR-type questions that attempt to determine your career goals, your personality, why you have left one company for another, etc." "When you’re leaving the first interview try to get a sense as to what the next step in the process is.

If you find out that you have been invited to a second interview try to find out who you’ll be meeting with and what each person does. This will help you get a better sense of what the second interview will entail and what you will need to prepare for."

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28 janvier 2009 - REFERENDUM HISTORIQUE EN BOLIVIE (de notre correspondant permanent en Amérique latine Jean-Michel Hureau)

La Bolivie a vécu un jour historique le 25 janvier puisque, pour la première fois de son (...)

5 avril 2007 - Arrestation de quatre militantes féministes à Téhéran : Réagissons !

Merci à Maryam Youssefi de nous avoir alerté sur cette information, qui implique une action. (...)